Conditions of Employment

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You will receive a copy of the student’s application for approval and if you accept the student, we will then send your family profile to the student. When the student has accepted your profile, the reservation is confirmed and the agreement final. Please keep the student’s application carefully as it includes the student’s emergency contact information.

You are responsible for providing the student’s meals. The student’s choice of meal plan is indicated at the end of the registration form and also on your monthly cheque. If you are not sure, please call or email.

If your family profile changes or if you take in a student from another organization, you must inform us.

You may not host two students with the same mother tongue unless the students are a couple, or from the same family, or have specifically requested to be placed in the same home. In this case, you must obtain our prior written permission or our student(s) may be withdrawn.

You may not deal directly with one of our students at the end of their agreed term. If you do enter into such an agreement to continue hosting them, you will no longer be a Minerva Homestay host.

The student’s profile should indicate the exact date and time of arrival. If not, please get in touch as we need you to be home to greet them. Don’t forget to give the student a key, unless someone is home 24/7.

If you receive a call from a student in transit to let you know they have missed their flight or the flight is delayed, please relay the information immediately to 514-952-3236.

Hosts should be prepared to spend considerable time with students during the first 48 hours to “settle them in” and show them around the city. You are responsible for ensuring that students know how to get to school and return home safely. This could involve accompanying them on the first day, or doing a “dummy run” the day before. This will greatly lessen the student’s worst fears : getting lost when they don’t know the language well and cannot follow or understand directions.

Please do not hesitate to call us for advice or support.

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