Host Services


We offer a choice of 0-3 meals and two home categories: Regular and Deluxe. To be eligible for the more expensive deluxe program, the student’s room must have an adjacent bathroom (not shared) or be an upstairs suite with bath, and you must be Minerva-approved as a Deluxe host family.

Students must have their own bedroom. The room must be comfortably furnished with a single or double bed, chest of drawers, closet, and a desk or table to work on.  Room sharing is not permitted unless at the request of the client.  Students sometimes request shared bedroom when they are couples or family members.

Host families supply all bedding. Clean sheets are usually handed out every two weeks, unless an incident makes that necessary earlier.

In the age of email and laptops, students often have homework that is Internet-based, so you must have a wireless internet connection. This involves a one-time purchase of a wireless modem at a cost of around $40-70, depending on the coverage area needed. Note: if your portable phone is not DECT 6.0 compatible, it could interfere with the router signal.

Students are permitted to use the laundry facilities at no extra charge, and the telephone for local calls. Please make sure they have a telephone card for long distance calls. We are not responsible for long distance charges incurred by students.

Your Internet volume usage should be monitored through your internet provider as we are not responsible for excess volume charges. Any such charges would have to be collected from your student, so make sure they are forewarned.

Soap, shampoo and personal products are provided by the student.

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