Included Homestay Services


Every effort will be made to ensure that the host family we select for you is compatible with the preferences you have indicated on your application form. However, if you do not get along with your host family, you may request a change of host family during the first week without penalty.

We endeavor to keep travel times to a minimum, and never more than 55 minutes.

Your room will be fully furnished, with a desk or quiet place to study, for whichever homestay plan you have chosen.

Sheets, pillows, and blankets will be provided by the host family. Sheets are usually changed every two weeks.

Your family will allow you reasonable use of the telephone for local calls, but for long distance calls, you need to purchase a phone card, available at the local corner store.

All host families have wireless internet.

Your host family will make sure that you get to school safely on the first day. If they cannot accompany you, they will show you the route on the weekend.

As an adopted family member, please remember that family rules apply to you too! Every family has its own rules concerning meal times, visitors and smoking, so we advise you to find out what they are. If you are late or not coming home for supper, you should call your host family.

Essentially, your host family will give you support and friendship and be there for you if you have a problem. Yet the key to a good homestay is communication. Don’t be shy. If you don’t eat certain foods, or if you have special needs, please let your host family know. We all want you to have a wonderful stay.

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